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Electrical Simi Valley

simi valley  electrical contractor
Electrical Contractor
Simi Valley

This Simi Valley Electrical Contractor is licensed, insured, and will come out himself to take care of your electrical needs.
He has over 15 years of experience.
He's the best electrician in The Simi Valley.

electrical contractor simi valley
Simi Valley
Electrical Contractor
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Electrical Services

Our Expert Simi Valley Electrical Contractor, will ensure that your electrical needs will be taken care of including; electrical repairs and maintenance, troubleshooting, lighting upgrades, electrical upgrades and replacements, electric installations, all quickly and easily.

Some of our residential electrical services include: repairing blown fuses, fixing circuit breakers, child proofing outlets, electrical wiring, cleaning up exposed wiring, rewiring, correcting bad electrical wiring, hot tub wiring, troubleshooting flickering lights, lighting fixes, ceiling fan installations, chandelier installations, smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector installations, replacing electrical outlets, replacing switches, installing dimmers and scene lighting, indoor lighting and design, kitchen lighting upgrades, landscape lighting and design, accent lighting, garden lighting, installing LED lighting, energy efficient lighting, and a host of other electrical services.

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Outdoor Electric Panel Simi Valley
professional electrical contractor simi valley
Simi Valley Electrical Contractor
Electric Maintenance

What type of person is this Electrical Contractor?
Character counts right?
professional electrical contractor simi valley
The Owner / Electrical Contractor has been an Electrician since 1990. He has a strong work ethic and is on time. He is a clean cut, married man, and a non-smoker. You will find a quick witted, funny, intelligent man who cares about your home and his profession. He will show up himself to do the work!
You will also see that he knows how to take care of your Simi Valley Electrical needs.

electrical contractor simi valley
Simi Valley Electrical Contractor
Landscape Lighting Installations
electrician simi valley
Simi Valley Electrician

You will be comforted to know that our Electrical Contractor knows what he is doing and has been checked out both with Electrical Knowledge and has had a Full Background Check.

professional electrician simi valley
This Simi Valley Electrical Contractor has a high level of expertise for finding and fixing electrical and lighting problems quickly and efficiently.

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Electrical Troubleshooting
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Landscape Lighting

While your licensed electrician
is at your Simi Valley home, you should ask about installing whole house surge protectors in your electrical panels so you wont have the need for those ugly unsightly plug strips that offer little to no surge protection.

simi valley landscape lighting
Simi Valley Landscape Lighting

When it comes to Lighting,
our Simi Valley electrical contractor,
is a lighting expert and will make your
home shine!

landscape lighting simi valley
Landscape Lighting Simi Valley
scene lighting controller
Electrical Simi Valley
Scene Lighting Controller

This Simi Valley Electrical Contractor has the ability to make the lighting in some homes look similar to those of the luxury resort hotels with beautiful landscape lighting, and upgrades of recessed lighting, accent lighting, decorative lighting, and scene lighting.

Along with lighting, you will want to control the lights with dimmers, and possibly some timers.

simi valley outdoor lighting fixture
Electrical Simi Valley
Outdoor Lighting Fixture

What happens when I call ?

Here again you will get
expert electrical contractor simi valley
the Simi Valley Electrical Contractor himself, answering the phone, and inquiring about your problem right away as he has your interest at heart. He can give you some friendly advice over the phone
as well answer any Electrical or Lighting
questions you may have.

ceiling fan installations
Electrical Simi Valley
Ceiling Fan Installations

Booking an appointment is easy and can be done over the phone or online.
Appointments are usually booked with a two hour window in the afternoon, and a half hour window in the morning.

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When you email him 24/7 and ask
for an appointment, you may want to give two different options for show up times. It will save both of you time if you tell a little about what you want in that email as well.

E-Mail Your Simi Valley Electrical Contractor

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electrical simi valleyElectrical Simi Valley

simi valley electrical
Your residential professional,
Simi Valley electrical contractor takes a great deal of pride in his work that he performs for you and wants to exceed your expectations.

All work is guaranteed for one year!

Call your residential electrical contractor in
Simi Valley to take care of your home.

Operating Hours:

Monday - Friday 7:30 am - 5:00 pm

E-mail Your Simi Valley Electrical Contractor

simi valley electrical contractor
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